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About Me and My Quest To Get It Back

Is this you?

… up there in age, taking care of everyone from your family to your dog to your neighbors, but not yourself…
… you feel like it’s too late — that you won’t be able to get your body, your health, or your self esteem back again…

If so, I’m right there with you — you are not alone.  My name is Denise and I am a 50+ woman on a quest to get it all back.

I’ve tried those workouts that promise to make you look like J-Lo or Jane Fonda (remember her infamous “feel the burn”?).  Workouts like Body Bootcamp (yes, bootcamp – like in military bootcamp)… TaeBo with Billy Blanks (still have my old VHS tapes)… Beachbody P90X (which just about killed me)… and unfortunately each workout plan only lasted about six weeks.  My body transformed into a walking mass of pain, and I honestly couldn’t stand working out for 60-90 minutes in my home or in a gym. If I’m going to spend that time moving around, I really want to be doing something fun while reaping the benefits that come with it.

Which leads me to my blog — 50Friendly — where I’ve discovered an amazing way to get back in shape without risking damage to my joints, bones, and especially my knees.

Are you still with me? Because I want to tell you how you too can join along with me and get the results you’ve been wanting for years. I am so excited and looking forward to eliminating the back fat, the love handles, and the belly pouch. And am equally excited to share what I know about healthy living.

Can you get excited too? Come on – let’s transform together.

I’ve got so much to offer here on … workouts that start out easy (especially if you haven’t exercised in years), workouts for the seasons (like not riding your bike dead nuts in the summer when it’s 100 degrees out), workouts with and without exercise equipment, and more — all while having fun and not killing yourself in the process.

So let’s do this – let’s start this journey together.  It’s not too late, why wait !!

Make sure to tune back in and check out my next post. I promise it won’t disappoint 😊